Law – The Noble Profession 

Law, it is believed, is a noble profession. Do not get me wrong – I would love to believe that as well. However, due to some people, the whole profession gets a bad name.

Lawyers are supposed to be an intellectual class of people, well-informed and well-read. This knowledge in turn apparently helps lawyers to be soft-spoken, polite and sophisticated in their outlook. However, the modern era of competitive targets has taken the gentleman out of a lawyer. Lawyers tend to be brash and abusive and resort to unfair practices and practices unbecoming of a lawyer, at times, just to get the ball rolling.

The code of conduct of lawyers requires lawyers to be gentlemanly in light of lofty expectations out of lawyers, both inside and outside courts. Lawyers have a duty to be polite, even with their juniors and colleagues. However, even the most senior lawyers, whom everyone looks upon as beacons of practice of law, are at times seen being rude to their juniors. This reflects badly not only on the senior lawyers, but also on the profession as a whole, since it makes the practice of law unattractive to smart talent, who want to work with dignity. This should not be taken lightly as well, because this has long term adverse effect on the legal profession. The relationship between a junior and a senior in the practice of law is more in the nature of a teacher-pupil relationship. In the course of practice, the junior lawyer picks up the manner in which his senior conducts himself. As such, if a senior lawyer is abusive in chamber, rude and uncouth, the junior too is most likely to become such a lawyer. As such, the legal profession shall breed a class of lawyers who are contrary to what is expected of them, and that would be a very unfortunate scenario.

The level of nobility and etiquette expected out of legal profession is borne out from the attire of lawyers. In Ancient Rome, bands and gowns were worn by priests and learned counsellors. Lawyers, by virtue of being of like nature, wear such an attire. It would be a mockery of the expectations out of lawyers, if we do not mind our conduct.

Lawyers need to stop misusing the regard that the common man has for them and live up to the lofty ideals that lawyers are expected to uphold.


About kawaljit

Kawaljit Singh Bhatia is a Lawyer and appears regularly at the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court. He has handled various high-stake matters in the filed of arbitration, telecom and broadcasting laws, labour matters, corporate matters, etc. He is passionate about legal issues that affect the society. He can be reached at
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