Mercedes Hit & Run Case – Speedy Justice still a utopian dream

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The footage of a young professional being flung to death is still fresh in our minds. It was depressing to watch it as news channels played it in loop. It brings to the fore how we take road safety for granted and hand over the keys of such high-speed cars to our spoiled brats. One such irresponsible action cost a young man his life.
Mercedes hit-and-run case: Accused juvenile to be tried as an adult

The video is right in front of us. We all know who was behind the wheel. The accused himself surrendered before the police. The father of the accused also tried to trick the court by producing a person as the actual driver, when it was his son who was behind the wheel. As soon as the purported driver came to know that the victim of the accident was dead, he flipped and turned volte face. The prosecution argued that the accused and his family is trying to tamper with evidence. What else is required?

Shilpa Mittal – Victim’s Sister

However, the accused is out on bail, on the ground that justice should not be administered emotionally! Well, it should not be that dumb as well. Its high time the wheels of justice moved efficiently. Why else would people want to come to courts and not resort to taking law in their hands. A complicated case of complicated facts may take time. But such open and shut cases, where the video speaks for itself should be decided promptly.

The Courts, especially the lower courts, seem to be locked in colonial past, which did not have the advantage of technology. In today’s world, where some of the offences are caught live and / or recorded on CCTV cameras, is there still a need to wait for replies and time-consuming applications to be filed. What happens to the principle of procedure being the handmaid of justice? Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the exact opposite appears to be true.

Its high time for Courts to switch gears and move in a direction where justice is speedy, effective and efficient, otherwise, it would be difficult to salvage the eroding trust that the common man has for the judiciary. As for the Mercedes hit and run case, truth is out there in the open. Its only the Courts that need to be willing to pass the order and do justice.


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Kawaljit Singh Bhatia is an Advocate on Record at the Supreme Court of India and appears regularly at the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court. He has handled various high-stake matters in the filed of arbitration, telecom and broadcasting laws, labour matters, corporate matters, property matters, matrimonial matters, etc. He is passionate about legal issues that affect the society. He can be reached at 09650183158 or
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