Numbers and Democracy

Population in a democratic setup can prove to be both a boon and a bane. If the people are educated and intelligent, it’s a boon and if they are fools, guided by parochial interests of caste, religion, etc. they shall sooner or later prove to be a bane.

The other day I heard a leader from a state that he would support a certain party in the state if it supported their interests and their demand for reservation. “Reservation” as per the founding fathers of the Constitution was a short term measure intended to work for the uplifting the people who were ignored in the past. It wasn’t introduced to stay. Sadly, the political class has abused reservation as an election tool. It’s shocking that there are instances where there are 100% reservations. This is not only harmful, since it impedes the growth of the economy, but also a fraud played upon the people who are supposed to benefit from reservation.

The collective will and intelligence of the world’s largest democracy needs to be such that no one, not even the political class, can abuse them to suit their vested interests. Only then we can think of moving forward together and reaching greater heights. Otherwise, despite great potential and vibrant energy, which otherwise could propel us to pinnacle of economic growth, we shall remain in the same place due to different people and groups pulling each other in different directions.


About Kawaljit

Kawaljit Singh Bhatia is an Advocate on Record at the Supreme Court of India and appears regularly at the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court. He has handled various high-stake matters in the filed of arbitration, telecom and broadcasting laws, labour matters, corporate matters, property matters, matrimonial matters, etc. He is passionate about legal issues that affect the society. He can be reached at 09650183158 or
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